Past Amigurumi Projects

While I’m busy trying to play catch-up with all my current WIP’s, I thought I would take a break and make a post about some of my past projects. I’ve made so many things over the years, and the only regret I have is that I didn’t always take photos of what I’d made. ¬†Regardless, here are some of my favorites…including links to where you can find the patterns online.

“Luma” from Super Mario Bros. – I changed the face on mine, but it’s still cute none-the-less. The free pattern can be found here:

“Luma” pattern by Wolfdreamer


A Bumblebee- This was a special order for someone who wanted it to appear “boyish”, as it was being made for a boy. The free pattern can be found here, along with a pattern for a very sweet looking ladybug: (the page isn’t in english, but can be translated)

Brittas Ami


“Year of the Tiger”- So very adorable. The pattern is found here:

Year of the Tiger by Lily Sugar ‘n Cream

Year of the Tiger

Pac Man and Ghosts- I made this for one of my daughter’s. Ingenius. The pattern can be found here:

Pac Man and Ghosts on Instructables

pacmanandghosts - Edited

A Brontosaurus- Pattern can be found here:

Brontosaurus by Claire Houck


Cute One Skein Bunny- I’ve made several of these. A couple of years ago it was a VERY popular Christmas gift order. Pattern can be found here:

One Skein Bunny by Deb Richey


I hope you have as much fun making these as I did!

Happy Hooking!


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