Getting Started On Christmas Crochet

August is NOT too early to begin crafting for the holidays! Actually, I think I’m cutting things close with starting this late into the year!

Every year I ponder what to make for the holiday’s. And every year I frustrate myself in trying to decide. There are so many wonderful patterns, many easy and many far more advanced than I consider my own skills to be.  It’s not only about choosing a pattern, but also about finding the time to make these things. Or rather, “uninterrupted” time. Trying to get things done, anything, with an 8 1/2 month old baby climbing up your leg is enough frustration in itself, let alone when you’re trying to keep track of your stitches.  Regardless, we must do what we have to do, and get things done…somehow…and all before December 24th.

So, this year I started holiday crocheting with an easy project. It took me only a few hours to make and even with interruptions it wasn’t difficult to keep track of where I left off in it’s progress. What did I make? A simple striped stocking.

The pattern goes by a couple of different names. On it is Simple Striped Santa Stockings and is by Ellen Gormley. And on it is called Waiting for Santa Stockings.

I made the smallest version of the stocking, to save time and to make sure I didn’t waste too much yarn in case I didn’t like the end result. But my worry was for nothing, as I am quite pleased with the outcome:


Happy Holiday Hooking!


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