An Introduction

I breathe crochet. It’s always on my mind, and every chance I get, crochet is in my hands.  A million ideas roll through my head per minute and my hands just can’t keep up with my brain. I am obsessed with counting. I count along with everything I do (in fact, just the other day I counted how many steps it took me to walk home. It was roughly 1000 steps, if you’re interested in knowing), and I blame this behavior on the fact that I am always counting my stitches.  (We all have our quirks, right?)

Does this sound like you? If so, I believe we’ll get along grand!

The purpose in creating this site is, well, to talk crochet. It’s a place to share all the wonderful patterns I stumble across, as well as my own original patterns. Basically, if it’s about crochet and interests me and I think it’ll interest you too, I will write about it here.

I would love it if you could send me a comment or two every now and again. Let me know your thoughts about what I post, or if you have ideas, etc. Or if you just feel like talking crochet with a fellow crochet addict 🙂

Happy hooking everyone! And remember this…if at first you don’t succeed, put it aside for a while and work on the other 20 projects you’ve got on the go !

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